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The M133 is a shotgun originally designed in Russia, which appears in Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 3

"The M133 is a pump-action shotgun with a shorter barrel that disperses buckshot in a wider pattern. It excels at clearing out rooms and hits hard close up."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 3

"The M133 is a Russian pump-action shotgun, as opposed to Natasha, who does Russian pump-action down at the docks. The gun was designed for civilian and law enforcement use. These relatively inexpensive shotguns were purchased in bulk by Vaas and his men."

Survival Guide
Far Cry 3

Tips and Uses

The M133 is the first shotgun the player can acquire in single and multiplayer. It fires more slowly than the SPAS-12, and is weaker and shorter ranged than the 1887. Despite this, it is still an effective weapon at close ranges and easily obtained from killed enemies.

It cannot be fitted with attachments, limiting its capacity of being improved. However, paint jobs for it are available.


The M133 can be acquired in single-player in the following ways:

  • Purchased at a store for $660 at any time after deactivating the first Radio Tower.
  • Unlocked for free at stores by deactivating 5 Radio Towers.
  • Picked up for free (and made free at stores) by picking it up off an enemy.
    • The first mission in which you'll encounter enemies carrying shotguns is mission 8, Prison Break-in.
    • You can also find enemies carrying shotguns towards the eastern part of the North Island.

In Co-op the Privateer Chargers have their SMGs replaced with the M133.

Signature Version

The Bull is the signature weapon version of the M133. It can be purchased early in the game in Far Cry 3 after the player has discovered 10 Relics. It is the strongest shotgun in Far Cry 3 and comes with an alternate paint job, reflex sights, and an extended barrel, and the Far Cry 4 version also including a suppressor. It also has improved stats which include damage and shell capacity. Signature weapons must be purchased at full price from the shop which is $3,010. The Bull features the best mobility in the game out of all weapons, with the mobility stat bar being maxed.

The power of this weapon comes at the cost of range and rate of fire that can be found in the other shotguns in the game: 1887 and the SPAS-12 respectively.


Far Cry 4

The Far Cry 4 variant of the M133 works almost identically to the Far Cry 3 variant. However, the commonality of the weapon in arena mode, and the close-quarters nature of the mode, as well as the large amounts of animals makes it very good for this mode, capable of easily dispatching many enemies and animals.

The Bull signature returns as well, mostly unchanged save for the addition of a suppressor and a different price (K228,750), and is unlocked for purchase after completing two Bomb Defusing quests. It will dispatch Honey Badgers, Yaks, Bengal Tigers, Rhinos, White Chested & Himalayan Brown Bears with a single shot at 5–8 feet when a Recurve Bow might take 3 to 5 well-placed arrows at the same distance.


Far Cry 5

The M133 shotgun returns in Far Cry 5 and was first shown in the E3 2017 showcase. It is commonly found in the hands of both resistance and cult members.

"This pump-action shotgun will cause more internal damage than cheap vodka."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The base model that can be obtained very early in the game, the M133 is not the best, nor the worst of any of the shotguns in the game.

Statistically identical to the modernized and shorter M133 M variant, the M133 has a low accuracy and range, a medium damage, and a slow rate of fire due to the pump-action mechanism.

Save for an additional point of handling, even the SBS outclasses the shotgun in the range and accuracy categories, while the SPAS-12 is statistically identical except for double the rate of fire.

Overall the M133 is best used in the early game, when no other shotguns are on hand. Even the D2 has the ability to outclass the M133 when used in capable hands. While the M133 can surely kill an enemy, it does not make it the easiest to do so.

The M133 can be fitted with a suppressor, optical sight, extended magazine, and a weapon skin.

Far Cry New Dawn

Rusty M133

"Pump-action shotgun after The Collapse of civilization? Nothing feels more right."

The Rusty M133 is the first Shotgun that the player acquires. It's a Rank 1 weapon and quickly becomes of little use. Perhaps due to its decayed nature, the reload is noticeably longer than normal.

Makeshift M133 MS

"Now that is a ruggedly good-looking shotgun."

The Makeshift M133 MS is the second Shotgun that the player aquires. It's a rank 2 weapon and possesses slightly more stopping power than its rusty counterpart.

"Retro Sci-Fi" M133 M

"Boom, baby. Part of the Retro Sci-Fi Theme."

A Paint job variant, dubbed the "Retro Sci-Fi" M133 M appears as a separate weapon, available either as a pre-order bonus or through the season pass.


"This is the modern version of the M133. It will cause more internal damage than REALLY cheap vodka."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

Identical to the basic model, the M133 M has no saving grace over the full-length M133. Despite its shorter and more mobile size, the handling of the weapon is still the same as the M133.

The M133 M can be fitted with a suppressor, optical sight, extended magazine, and a weapon skin.


"The short barreled modern M133 wants you to know that length isn't as important as the spread of the shot."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The only variant with different stats, the M133 MS is an ultra-short version of the already shorter M133 M.

The M133 MS sacrifices a point off the accuracy and range stats in exchange for a single extra point in the handling stats.

Like the other variants, the M133 MS can be fitted with an optical sight, extended magazine, suppressor, and skin. Notably, the M133 MS is the only version without an additional Prestige Skin.


"This M133 doesn't hit singles, doubles, triples, or home runs. Only grand slams."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

A Prestige variant of the base M133, the M133 "Grand Slam" is a variant painted in a Hope County Cougars indigo blue and honey yellow motif for the home team pride.

Statistically identical to the base model, the Grand Slam can be fitted with an optical sight, extended magazine, and suppressor, but lacks a skin option as it is a Prestige weapon.



  • M133 is an abbreviated name for the Russian Baikal MP-133 shotgun, which in its original design, does not have an accessory rail on the top. The original pump has also been replaced with that of a Remington 870 shotgun.
    • Even though it is based on MP-133, its appearance is closer to Bekas 12m shotgun.
  • M133 appears in Hours of Darkness which took place during Vietnam War, even though the Baikal MP-133 shotgun was developed in late 1990's and therefore never used in Vietnam War. This is likely because everything were from the memories and imagination of Wendell Redler.
  • Although the in-game M133 has an accessory rail mounted on top of the receiver, there are no additional sights to be unlocked except by the Bull variant, which includes a reflex sight. There is also neither serial number nor "Made in Russia" text on the left side of receiver in-game. This suggests that the weapons were either produced in Kyrat/Rook Islands, and made for the Royal Army/Vaas's pirates, or were smuggled in, and the serial numbers were filed off in order to prevent border security from tracing them back to an arms dealer, had they been caught. They were mostly stolen to Rook Islands, but might have more likely been bought in Kyrat.
  • All three games that feature the M133 give it an ammo count that suggests it always has a shell in the chamber, but interestingly all three also have an empty reload that explains this. In Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 the animation shows the player character inserting one shell into the magazine tube, pumping the action to chamber it, and then loading the rest, while in Far Cry 5 this is changed to holding the action open and inserting one shell through the ejection port, then loading the rest into the magazine tube.
  • A glitch in Far Cry 3 sometime shows, when customizing the M133's paint, a supressor attached, despite in that game, the M133 has no attachments. It can be seen in this video.


  • It can kill most unarmored or lightly armored enemies with a single shot at close range.
  • The M133 is made for close quarters, not for hit-and-run like the SPAS-12 since its low rate of fire will endanger the player if they miss a shot. However, Far Cry 4's Bull signature can be handy for stealthy encounters, as it includes a suppressor.
  • Far Cry 4's M133 has a significantly faster rate of fire when the player is aiming down the sights.
  • They can easily be unlocked for free by picking them up from Berserker units.