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Damage High
Magazine Size 5
Maximum Ammunition 20+5 or 45+5 with marksmans query bandoleer upgrade
Price 10 Diamond Diamonds
Reliability upgrade 3 Diamond Diamonds
Accuracy upgrade 3 Diamond Diamonds
Ammunition upgrade 15 Diamond Diamonds
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The M1903 is a sniper primary weapon in Far Cry 2.


The M1903 is an American bolt-action rifle designed in 1903. Based on the classic Mauser system, it fires the powerful .30-06 Springfield cartridge. It was the primary battle rifle of the United States until 1936, when it was replaced with the M1 Garand. After being replaced as the main battle rifle, it became the United States' primary sniper rifle. During the Vietnam War, the M1903 was officially retired. These days, the M1903 is used in military drills and by civilian gun owners.


The M1903 can be obtained after completing the tutorial mission. A handful of enemies in Act I will wield it as well until act 2 where it is replaced by the Dragunov


The M1903 is an accurate and powerful weapon and usually downs a target with one or two hits. Its combination of high accuracy and damage makes it an effective sniper rifle. It is the best weapon to fill the role of a traditional sniper rifle until the AS50 is unlocked.

It's important to note that the player will not automatically cycle the bolt after firing in when aiming down the scope. Players must 'un-zoom' before the bolt is pulled.

The bolt-action mechanism makes the M1903 highly ineffective at close range. It is therefore advisable to pack at least one automatic weapon before going somewhere with the M1903.

This rifle's primary downfall is its mediocre reliability. If using it for long trips, invest in the Reliability Upgrade.


With the Reliability Upgrade the M1903 will start to jam somewhere between the 51st and 108th shot and will eventually will break on the 126th shot (two bandoliers х 50 rounds + 26 rounds).


  • The 1903 is based on the scoped version of the Springfield M1903A3 bolt action rifle which is chambered in 30-06.
  • The reloading animation for the Springfield shows an empty stripper clip being taken out of the bottom of the rifle and a new one inserted. The scoped version of the Springfield is actually reloaded by placing individual cartridges into the internal magazine from the top of the open bolt.
  • Like almost all the firearms in the game, the rifle is configured left-handed, with the bolt on the left side. A left-handed bolt action rifle is very rare, as are left-handed military firearms (although most modern military firearms are usually made with ambidextrous features same is generally not a viable option for bolt action sniper rifles).
  • It is quite unusual to see the M1903 in use by the mercenaries in the modern world. However, this may have been possible due to the Jackal as he states in an interview that he tends to sell old weapons to make a profit.