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The M2 Browning machine gun is a heavy machine gun designed by John Browning towards the end of World War I. The M2 fires the .50BMG, the same cartridge used by the AS50 and gives it its nickname, the "fifty cal". It is the primary heavy machine gun of NATO countries and has been exported worldwide. It is still in use today, only with a few modern improvements.

Far Cry

Appearing in the original Far Cry, the M2 can be found mounted to various vehicles such as the Buggy, 4WD, and the Patrol Boat.

With a rate of fire and damage comparable to the M249, but having unlimited ammo in reserve, and a bottomless belt, it proves effective at close to mid-range engagements, where the sustained fire rate compensates for the lack of long-range accuracy.


Far Cry 2

The M2 appears again in Far Cry 2, and can be found mounted on some vehicles and on mounted turrets at checkpoints and patrol points.

It can be found at your Safehouse as vehicle weapon upgrade by completing Buddy Missions for the factions. Completing all of the Buddy Missions in Act 1 will place an Assault Truck at your Safehouse locations, complete with M2. For the remainder of Act 1, you will have the material advantage, as the enemy does not obtain a similar vehicle until Act 2.

The M2 is also mounted on the Utility Truck included with the Fortunes Pack DLC. it does much more damage per shot due to the larger round, and can eliminate most enemies with only a few direct hits.

Although it has a lower fire rate than the mounted M249, the M2 is more useful than the M249 as a mounted weapon; most notably in that each hit from it does similar damage to a sniper round, likely due to the larger .50 caliber round it fires. However, vehicles with this weapon lack a large degree of gun depression, making it highly likely to be unable to target an enemy near the vehicle.

While the Mk.19 has a greatly enhanced aptitude for area-suppression due to the 40mm grenade launcher, the M2 is better for single target suppression, as even one or two direct hits may be lethal.

Far Cry 5

The M2 .50 Cal returns in Far Cry 5 as a stationary emplacement, and can be found mounted on some watercraft and technicals as well.

Like the mounted M60 variants that also appear as mobile and stationary guns, the M2 can also be placed and used in Far Cry Arcade maps, and can be found in the Hours of Darkness expansion.

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