M4 1
Damage 13 (automatic),
15 (semi-automatic)
Magazine Size 30
Maximum Ammunition 300
Reload Time 2.3 sec
Fire Mode Automatic or semi-automatic
Ammunition 5.56x45mm
Used by Grunt, Commander, Rear Guard, Scout, Lab Worker, Scientist, Worker

The  Far Cry  Weapons
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The M4 Assault Weapon is an assault rifle in Far Cry.

The M4 is the first automatic weapon found in the game and will likely become the player's primary armament for much of the early part of the story. A very dependable weapon, it offers decent accuracy and stopping power and a high rate of fire. With careful aim, the rifle can even act as a substitute for the AW50 when assaulting an enemy position at medium-long range, although as it lacks any form of scope it cannot compete with the sniper rifle's ability to engage targets at extreme range. The M4 has a 30-round magazine and can be switched between semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire modes — while full-auto provides the greatest stopping power at closer ranges, switching to semi-automatic makes recoil considerably more manageable, useful for accurate shooting at a distance, although using in short, controlled bursts on full-auto can often have much the same effect.

Far Cry Classic

In Far Cry Classic, the M4 has been given a new model and now features an RIS foregrip, as well as a generally more detailed model. Like all non-scoped weapons in Far Cry Classic, it is now possible to use the weapon's iron sights for more accurate shooting.


  • Despite its in-game name, the assault rifle in the original Far Cry is not actually an M4 — the real-life M4 has a removable carry handle, most easily identified by the two prominent screw knobs at its base where it affixes to the weapon. The rifle in Far Cry lacks these, and in fact appears to be modelled on the earlier Colt Model 727. The new model used in Far Cry Classic does have these screws.
  • The AR-16 in Far Cry 2 is based on the same AR-15 system as the M4.