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The MBP .50 is a bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in .50 BMG. It has a five-round magazine (ten with the extended magazine upgrade), and shares the .50 Cal ammo pool with the SA-50 and the D50.

“This .50 cal bolt action rifle knows about accuracy and penetration. Just like your sarcastic "friend."”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The standard variant, the MBP .50 supports the Long Range Scope, an extended magazine, and a suppressor.

Several variants of weapon skins are available for the standard variant.


“Jacob Seed's bolt action .50 cal sniper rifle. You'll need to use it a lot to change the name of this one.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

A version of the rifle customized by Jacob Seed, Jacob's Rifle has ruby red appearance, but notably lacks the ability for any kind of modification.


“This gold plated sniper rifle was once a trophy to some rich kid. Only thing they used it for was selfies.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

A version fit for an African warlord, the MBP .50 Gold & Steel features a gold-plated outer casing, and features the same mod options as the standard variant.


“This gun is so cool. The snazzy neon. That logo that comes from the future. The way it kills baddies real good. Rex would be proud.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

Visually styled after Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the MBP .50 "Blood & Dragon" is styled in a way that would make taking down a Blood Dragon fitting.



  • The MBP .50 is based on the Hard Target Interdiction anti-material rifle, a rifle produced by Desert Tech.[1]
  • The gold variant mentions the trend of the well-off having a lot of expensive guns that they never use.
  • Jacob's rifle points out that Jacob killed a lot of people with it, as you'd have to surpass his own kill count to be able to finally call it "your" rifle.
    • It shares the same ruby-red coloration as Jacob's custom plane, the Pack Hunter.
  • A Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon themed variant, the "Blood & Dragon" was added in title update 11.[2]
  • Oddly, the MBP .50, SA-50, and D50 share the same ammunition pool; while the rifles fire the large .50 BMG cartridge, the D50 fires the smaller .50 Action Express cartridge. This was likely done for gameplay purposes, as adding an entirely new ammo type for one weapon would have not been feasible.


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