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Damage Very High
Magazine Size 4
Maximum Ammunition 16
Price 35 Diamond Diamonds
Reliability upgrade 8 Diamond Diamonds
Accuracy upgrade 8 Diamond Diamonds
Ammunition upgrade 10 Diamond Diamonds
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The MGL-140 is a weapon in Far Cry 2. it can be purchased after completing the last convoy mission in Act 2. No enemies carry it.


The MGL-140 is a semi-automatic grenade launcher designed by Milkor, a South African arms manufacturer. Since its conception, it has been adopted by armies in over 50 countries, most notably that of the United States (as the M32), as well as Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, and of course South Africa. It is capable of using most of the 40mm grenades designed for use with the M79.


This weapon is one of the best in the game; a single grenade can easily annihilate a small group of enemies, destroy vehicles, or clear out a building without the player even stepping inside. It is so powerful that it is quite possible to clear out an entire guard post with just one full magazine. Even its range is surprisingly good; the MGL can hit targets up to medium range with ease.

The weapon's primary shortcoming, however, is the limited amount of grenades the player can carry. The grenadier webbing upgrade should be purchased to mitigate this weakness. It is also a good idea to bring along an accurate automatic weapon (such as the Uzi or M249) just in case the MGL either jams or runs out of grenades.

The MGL's greater capacity, accuracy, range and the semi-automatic fire mode make it a far more powerful weapon than the M79. However, since the M79 is a secondary weapon, it may still be worthwhile to use it if the player desires explosive power but does not want to sacrifice their primary weapon slot.


  • The real MGL-140 has a six-round drum.
  • The real MGL is reloaded by rolling open the drum and inserting each grenade into the cylinder manually, not by ripping out the drum and putting a new one in.
  • Your second-best buddy will provide a used MGL-140 in the Safe House where he/she provides you with the mission to intimidate the informant at the Private Property to send the commandos to Mokuba.
  • The MGL-140 is similar to the 18-round grenade launcher featured in the film Dogs of War, also about mercenaries in Africa.
  • It can sometimes be acquired early on in Act 1 (Although it is dirty and frequently jams). Once accepting a mission for either faction, do the alternative method to completing it by driving to your buddy's safehouse. There is a small chance it will be leaning up against the wall inside the safehouse.


  • (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) Sometimes, grenades fired from the MGL will pass through trees.