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"The MKG has an incredible rate of fire and excels at sending as much lead downrange as possible."

in-game handbook

"This Belgian light machinegun is used by US forces. After pulling out of Iraq, the US military sent all its unsalvageable MKGs to the scrapheap to be destroyed. Of course, a few scrapheap owners took these guns and sold them to arms dealers who then had them returned to working order. This was a message brought to you by the black market recycling program."

Survival Guide

Far Cry 3

The MKG (which seems to be based on the Stoner 96 LMG) is a light-machine gun in Far Cry 3.

It is not available for purchase or unlocking in its standard shape until the Southern Island is reached, specifically, after completing the mission Fly South, when it can be purchased for $2,800 or unlocked for free by activating 14 Radio Towers, since there are just 11 Radio Towers in North Rook Island. It is a very fast firing LMG with good range and damage, and an accuracy that is quite high for a weapon of this class, it also supports two attachment slots.

The signature version of this weapon can be unlocked immediately at the start of the game.

Signature Version

"A customized MKG with optical scope, extended magazine, and custom paint. Enhanced for accuracy, damage, and low recoil."

Ripper description

The Ripper is the signature version of the MKG and can be unlocked immediately at the start of the game by participating in 6 Trials of the Rakyat. The Ripper can then be purchased at stores for $4,200. This version features increased statistics (rate of fire, accuracy, damage and range), lower recoil, an extended 200-round box magazine, an optical scope and a custom paint job (red hot).The Ripper can carry 400 bullets after crafting the extended ammo pouch.

The Ripper is the other "must have" gun in the game (the other being the Shredder). This is the "go loud" gun of choice and is superior in all aspects to any other gun when the lead starts flying. Only average as a "spray and pray" gun, when used with the sights it becomes a firehose of death and destruction. Massive magazine capacity and very credible accuracy for a LMG make this a gun players will want to obtain as soon as possible. The only problem a player may encounter when using this version is that restocking ammunition becomes an expensive pastime.


The MKG is unlocked at level 46 in multiplayer, and performs in a similar manner to its single player counterpart.



  • The weapon is loosely based on both the FN Minimi Paratrooper and the Stoner LMG, with a bizarre box-belt magazine feeding directly into a STANAG well, as opposed to the usual belt feed.
  • There is a glitch or a bug where if the player holds the MKG for the first time, it will not appear in the handbook like other guns in the game.
  • There is also a mounted version of this gun in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4: the Mounted MKG.
  • It replaces the M249 from Far Cry and Far Cry 2. Thus gets replaced by M249 in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 4

"A proven battlefield weapon designed for squad support with its very high rate-of-fire, this weapon makes short work of ground forces."

MKG description

The MKG returns in Far Cry 4. It is unlocked for purchase after completing the mission Truth & Justice. However, it can be obtained for free earlier if the player decides to do Amita's mission at the brick factory, as it is one of the weapons Ajay uses during his hallucination. Compared to its main rival, the MG42, the MKG is a slightly better bullet sprayer with a higher rate of fire, but has much weaker accuracy and range. It has a magazine capacity of 80 (which is doubled with Extended Mags). Unlike most other belt-fed MGs, when Ajay/Hurk attaches the ammo box, they don't need to feed the ammo belt into the chamber manually, giving it a relatively quick reload.

Signature Version

"The signature MKG increases damage, accuracy, and range, while reducing recoil and extending the magazine; it is the best weapon to win a war."

Ripper description

The Ripper returns as the signature version of the MKG again. It is unlocked for purchase after liberating all 4 Fortresses and costs 345,000 Rupees. The Ripper offers bonuses to all stats over the normal MKG, but it is somewhat outclassed by the easier to obtain and even more powerful Buzzsaw.