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An old dog that has learned some new tricks, the MP 34 is a World War II-era Sub-machine gun that has found its way into the hands of armed guns in both Kyrat and Hope County.

Far Cry 4

“WWII-era submachine gun with a side-loading magazine used by the Waffen-SS and brought to Kyrat early in the civil war.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 4

The MP34 is a sub-machine gun found in Far Cry 4. While generally overlooked for other SMGs available early on, such as the A2000, the MP34 is just as capable of putting rounds down range, and enemies down on the ground. Longinus unlocks it for free after liberating three Bell Towers.


“A classic submachine gun with modern enhancements such as optics, extended magazines, harder-hitting ammo, and a recoil buffer.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 4

The Signature version of the MP34, the Stormer, appears in Far Cry 4. It can be obtained by removing or destroying one Propaganda Poster. In relation to the standard variant, the Stormer sports an extended magazine, a red dot sight, and adds bonus to all stats except the fire rate.


Far Cry 5

The MP34 returns in Far Cry 5, having found its way into the hands of those in Hope County, such as the deputy.

“A WWII-era SMG. It was nicknamed "the luxury car of submachine guns" because of its high quality.”
Item Description

The standard variant, the MP34 was added as a Prestige Item after the completion of the Friendly Fire Live Event.

The MP34 can be customized with several optical sights, suppressors, and an extended magazine, but lacks any form of skin capability.


“A submachine gun whose bite is worse that[sic] its bark.”
Item Description

A variant of the MP34, the Rye & Sons was added in the Friendly Fire Live Event as a personal reward. It sports a yellow paint scheme, with the Rye & Sons livery painted on it, similar to Nick's plane.


Far Cry New Dawn

“If a shotgun and a submachine gun got together and shared custody of a weird, third gun”
Weapon Description
Far Cry New Dawn

The MP34 returns in Far Cry New Dawn, in the form of the Makeshift MP34. it has a zip-tie and duct tape holding the gun itself together, with a scope on top of the gun. it also has a partial adjustable strap below the barrel.

20190928 144812-1

Makeshift MP34.


  • The gun is based off the Austrian Steyr-Solothurn MP 34. [1]
  • In Far Cry 4, despite having an aftermarket rail for mounting optics, the MP34 cannot be fitted with any attachments.
    • The signature variant, the "Stormer", does however have a Red Dot Sight as an attached optic.


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