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The MP40 is a German-produced Sub-machine gun that was introduced in 1940 at the outset of World War II. It is featured in Far Cry 5, and is unlocked at resistance level 4. Compared to the MP5 variants, it is inferior in almost every way; having a slower fire rate, lacking the MP5's select-fire capability, and being unlocked later. The MP40's main advantage however is its large magazine capacity, holding 40 rounds with the Extended Magazine upgrade, and a considerably lower recoil.

Far Cry New Dawn

Makeshift MP40

"This gun has probably lived through three world wars."

Weapon Description
Far Cry New Dawn

The MP40 returns in Far Cry New Dawn, as a Rank 2 weapon. The Makeshift MP40 is affixed with a scope screwed with metal fixtures on top of the gun itself, with similar fixtures holding the gun together. with the barrel being held together by duct tape and a zip-tie.



  • The description of the MP40 in Far Cry: New Dawn is inaccurate, as the MP40 was invented in World War 2, years after World War 1.