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The MP5 is a sub-machine gun featured in Far Cry,Far Cry Instincts, Far Cry Classic, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 6.

Far Cry

Appearing in the first game in the series, the MP5SD is first found in the level Fort. It can be fired in semi-automatic or automatic modes, but after sustained automatic fire the weapon will be highly inaccurate, making it better for semi-automatic at mid and long-range, and automatic only at danger-close ranges.

In comparison to P90, the fire rate of the MP5SD is lower, the magazine is smaller, and the weapon's accuracy is less sustainable in continuous automatic fire. However, the MP5SD has the eponymous built-in suppressor, giving the user the ability to remain potentially hidden and pick off enemies by using the lack of firing report to sneak from enemy to enemy, performing close-range headshots.

However, the stealth does not work when fighting Trigens in the latter stages of the game, making the P90 a much easier to use weapon when attempting to drop the mutants.


MP5 is first found in the level Fort in the underground bunker beneath the main fortifications. It is placed in a weapon rack in the main room where most of the garrison is present.

Far Cry Classic

Compared to the original, the remastered Far Cry Classic version is now a standard MP5 with attached suppressor. Like the other weapons in Far Cry Classic, the iron sights are now usable, making accurate fire at range easier.


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Far Cry 2

Appearing in Far Cry 2, the Silent MP5, also known as the MP5SD becomes available after completing three Convoy Missions.

As with the Far Cry variant, it is important to use "shoot & scoot" tactics to avoid detection.

However, unlike the Far Cry variant, the MP5 in Far Cry 2 uses assault rifle ammo, instead of sub-machine gun ammunition.

When using the MP5, it is important to have the Assault Webbing upgrade, as it will allow the player to carry 120 rounds in reserve, as opposed to 90. When using the MP5, it is important to make shots count, as the low damage combined with the low ammo count makes trying to finish off large numbers of enemies with non-critical shots hazardous, as they will shrug off many more shots to the torso, while the excess ammo used will cause shortages of ammunition much faster.

As the MP5 has average reliability, it is important to grab a fresh weapon before a long trip, as it will quickly degrade after use. The MP5 makes up for this by having a high rate of fire with low recoil, decent iron sights, and no muzzle flash, making it effective when aimed for the head as a single tap to the head of an enemy is lethal. This makes it a decent weapon to use, even if the player is not playing stealthily.


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Far Cry 3

"The MP5 is renowned for solid accuracy, good handling, and a high rate of fire."

In-Game Handbook

"The MP5 is one of the most notorious sub-machine guns in the world thanks to its appearance in action cinema and intimate role in schizer pornography, pardon my French. These German engineered weapons were part of many military and police arsenals until they became outdated and replaced by newer designs. You can find old MP5s scattered all across Rook Island."

Survival Guide

The MP5 appears in Far Cry 3. It is able to be used for free after deactivating 9 Radio Towers.


The MP5 can be seen as a hybrid between an SMG and an Assault Rifle. It has a high firing rate but still provides decent damage and range. It is just as good for open combat as it is for stealthy encounters. It is also fairly cheap for its performance and allows players to move faster than if they used an Assault Rifle.

It can be equipped with up to 2 attachments. These include a suppressor, an extended magazine and 2 different sights (a choice between two FPS classics, the red dot and reflex).

Here is a video illustration of the MP5 in Far Cry 4 with an extended magazine and suppressor.

Attachment Information

The MP5 can only be mounted with two differing types of attachments at any one time, so while you could mount a silencer and red dot sight on it for example, you could not mount both the red dot and reflex sights at once.

Icon Attachment Price
(FC3) Attachment Sound Suppressor.png

Sound Suppressor – Attaching a suppressor to a weapon makes it virtually silent. Ideal for situations that require stealth.

(FC3) Attachment Extended Magazine.png

Extended Magazine – high-capacity magazine that increases the amount of ammunition a weapon holds.

(FC3) Attachment Red Dot Sight.png

Red Dot Sight – This sight is designed for rapid target acquistion and improved accuracy.

(FC3) Attachment Reflex Sight.png
Reflex Sight – This sight is designed for rapid target acquisition and improved accuracy. $300

Paint Jobs

The look of MP5 could be customized with one of six available paint schemes. Each scheme costs $200 and does not affect weapon performance.


Far Cry 4

The MP5 in Far Cry 4 is unlocked by completing City of Pain, and is more or less identical to its Far Cry 3 incarnation. The MP5 can be bought for ₭46,500, or obtained for free from Longinus after liberating 12 Bell Towers. Since there are just 10 Bell Towers in southern Kyrat, obtaining this weapon for free require reaching northern Kyrat, specifically, require completing the mission A Key to the North.


Far Cry 5

"This top-quality submachine gun is used by those who protect the White House and Vatican City."

In-Game Description

Far Cry 5

The tried-and-true base model, the MP5 sub-machine gun appears once again in Far Cry 5.

The MP5 can be customized with several paint schemes, several optical sights, suppressors, and an extended magazine.

Far Cry New Dawn

Rusty MP5

"This submachine aged well, but it's older on the inside."

The Rusty MP5 is the first Submachine Gun acquired by the player. It's a Rank 1 weapon and quickly becomes of little use. Perhaps due to its decayed nature, the reload is noticeably longer than normal.

Optimized MP55D

"A reliable submachine gun with a suppressor. Suppression, oppression, depression, take your pick."

The Optimized MP55D is the second Submachine gun aquired by the player. It's a Rank 3 weapon optimized for stealth, though deals a reasonably high amount of damage. it sports a Graffiti-like mix of black and silver paint, and has a suppressor on the end of its barrel.


"A reliable SMG with a suppressor. Just like someone you're having an affair with, they will keep it discreet."

In-Game Description

Far Cry 5

A statistically-identical variant to the MP5, the MP5SD features the eponymous built-in suppressor used by action movie stars and less-famous operator teams.

The MP5SD can be customized with several paint schemes, several optical sights, and an extended magazine.


"This SMG loves close-quarters combat. The more restrictive the better. You'll hear a safeword if it has a problem."

In-Game Description

Far Cry 5

An upgrade in every way over the MP5 and MP5SD due to an extra point of handling, the MP5K can be obtained at the start of the game as a UPlay Reward.

The MP5K can be customized with several paint schemes, several optical sights, suppressors, and an extended magazine.


"And MP5K painted in a way that would make the founding fathers of America get teary eyed."

In-Game Description

Far Cry 5

Added in the first periodic content pack for season pass owners, the American Muscle is a repainted variant of the MP5K.

It is statistically identical in every way to the standard MP5K, and is obtained for free from any gun store.

The American Muscle can be customized with several optical sights, suppressors, and an extended magazine, but lacks any form of skin.


"A commemorative variation of the MP5SD."

In-Game Description

Far Cry 5

Statistically identical to the standard MP5SD, the Hours of Darkness variant is trimmed in a gold plating with a dragon engraved into the sides of the gun.

It can be customized with one of several optical sights and an extended magazine, but no skins.


  • The cover art for Far Cry depicts Jack Carver wielding a standard MP5 with a scope, but in the final game the weapon appears as an MP5SD without an optical sight.
  • The MP5 is tied with the Desert Eagle for most appearances as a usable weapon in the franchise, being available in every game and spinoff except for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Far Cry Primal.
  • Despite being chambered in the same round as the Uzi in Far Cry 2, it does not share ammunition.
  • The MP5SD is one of the few weapons not to be used by any of the enemies encountered.
  • The MP5 has a notch that allows you to lock the bolt rearwards in order to insert magazines more easily. However, the player does not use this in-game.
  • Judging by the trigger group (safe-semi-auto) and collapsible stock, the MP5SD in Far Cry is the MP5SD3 variant.
  • Though in the game they share the same ammunition, in real-life the MP5 and P90 fire very different calibers, firing 9x19mm NATO and 5.7x28mm, respectively.
  • The variant present in Far Cry 3 is an MP5-N.
  • Ajay and Jason both perform what is called the "H&K Slap" when reloading an empty MP5.
  • The basic rear iron sight is not a standard Heckler & Koch drum sight, but is instead a semi-circle notch that lines up with the correct full circle front sight. This iron sight is shared with the F1.
  • In Far Cry 2, the MP5 isn't seen anywhere in the singleplayer campaign, save for one cutscene. Thus it can only be obtained from stores.
  • The MP5's charging handle moves back and forth when shooting; this is untrue to real life.
  • During a mission cutscene, Hoyt Volker can be seen wielding an MP5.
  • The MP5 can be a really effective silenced weapon when paired with the silencer and red dot sight during the first half of Story, but loses its unique effectiveness when compared to 2nd Island weapons like the Vector .45 ACP.
  • In Far Cry 5 title update six, a bug was introduced that removed all DLC bonus weapons, including the MP5K "American Muscle" variant of the MP5K to disappear from the game after respawning or fast traveling. Exiting the story mode and reloading it would fix the issue until the next time the player died or fast traveled.
  • The Hours of Darkness variant of the MP5SD features a motif based on the South Vietnamese flag on the magazine, with the magazine being yellow with three horizontal red bars.[1]


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