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Far Cry 3

“The MS16 is an updated take on an American battle rifle that dates back to the Vietnam War. Today, rifles like this are commonly used by Special Forces soldiers and SWAT teams with nothing better to blow their budgets on. The MS16s here were brought in by mail order. Hey, not every weapon on Rook Island has a sordid history. So sue me.”
Survival Guide
Far Cry 3

The MS16 is a semi-automatic rifle present in Far Cry 3.

This weapon will become free after deactivating 10 Radio Towers.

The MS16 is a powerful battle rifle. It is only semi-automatic, and has a 15 or 20 round magazine, depending on upgrades. Once suppressed, the weapon can be used as a powerful long-ranged rifle.


  • The MS16 is perfect for hit-and-run or counter-sniping tactics as its semi-automatic action can make quick work of enemy personnel.
  • Adding a suppressor will reduce your range slightly but helps you get more kills without being heard.
  • Combined with the sound suppressor and an optical sight, the MS16 can work as a precision rifle for silent headshots. Due to its semi-automatic action, zeroing in after a missed shot is a relatively easy affair.


Far Cry 4

The MS16 is also present in Far Cry 4.

“The last great American battle rifle that was introduced during the Vietnam War, this semi-automatic rifle is considerably accurate.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 4

The MS16 appears once again in Far Cry 4, and as in Far Cry 3 is unlocked by liberating 10 Radio Towers. The MS16 is unlocked for purchase after the mission A Cultural Exchange.

Because the MS16 can be unlocked relatively early, has excellent accuracy up to the 80m range limit for assault rifles, and can also be fitted with a suppressor, it stays a very potent and useful weapon throughout the game, especially for players preferring stealth.


“A signature version of the MS16 that takes the already formidable weapon and improves its accuracy and usability.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 4

A signature version of the MS16, the Trooper, can be unlocked in Far Cry 4 by collecting or destroying 20 Masks of Yalung. This version comes with a suppressor, an extended magazine, and a Marksman Sight. Possibly due to a bug, it has no stat bonuses of any kind, not even from the Marksman Sight; however, despite the stat chart stating otherwise, the Trooper inflicts more damage at long range than the standard MS16, usually requiring one shot less at the same range. Additionally, The Trooper has lower recoil than the base model.


Far Cry 5

The MS16 and the Trooper variant make a return in Far Cry 5, with similar performance characteristics to its counterparts in previous titles. The weapon fires rifle rounds from a standard 15-round magazine, and is compatible with a wide variety of attachments, including Reflex, Red Dot, Optical, and Marksman sights, sound suppressors, and an extended magazine which increases the magazine capacity from 15 to 20 rounds. Both the standard MS16, as well as an alternate version, the Trooper are available from stores. The most significant change between the games, apart from the appearance of the rifle, is that it can now mount a slightly more powerful optic than in previous titles, the Enhanced Ranger, making it a viable early to mid-game sniper weapon. Compared to the AR-CL, the MS16 trades select-fire capability for magazine capacity, while being limited to mounting the enhanced ranger optic as it's highest magnification scope.

“This is not your father's tactical rifle. It's lightweight, shoots a high caliber bullet, and instead of smoking, it vapes.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The classic model, the MS16 appears in Far Cry 5. It is unlocked in shops after gaining three levels of resistance in any region.

It has an extra point in accuracy, while a point less in handling as compared to the Trooper model.

It can be customized with several optical sights, suppressors, skins, and an extended magazine.


“A lightweight tactical rifle that is so good at close-quarters combat it can sometimes get a bit creepy.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The tactical model, the MS16 Trooper appears in Far Cry 5. It is unlocked in shops after gaining two levels of resistance in any region.

It has an extra point in handling, while a point less in accuracy as compared to the standard model.

It can be customized with several optical sights, suppressors, skins, and an extended magazine.



  • MS16 stands for M1A SOCOM 16, a civilian version of the M14 rifle with a shorter barrel.
  • The model that appears in-game appears to be a left handed model of the previously mentioned M1A SOCOM 16, as the charging handle is on the left side of the firearm and ejects spent cases from left, as opposed to the typical right side.
  • The MS16 is technically a battle rifle, not an assault rifle, even though it is classified as such in game.
  • The vanilla MS16 in Far Cry 5 resembles a standard M14 rifle[1], while the Trooper variant resembles the Springfield SOCOM 16[2], similar to the MS16 in previous titles.
  • In Far Cry 5 the in-game description makes a joke that references the fact that the M14 was designed to replace the M1 Garand as the U.S standard issue rifle.


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