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This article appeared in Far Cry 5

"This weapon uses some kind of magnetized microwaves that, if aimed properly, can explode organic targets. WTF?"

In-Game Description

The Magnopulser is a special weapon in Far Cry 5.

The weapon is obtained by helping Larry Parker in Holland Valley . After you finish Out Of This World, the Magnopulser will drop in his electrical cage and be available in all weapon shops, under the special category.


The Magnopulser fires a vacuum wave in an arc around the player, sending allies and enemies flying. This can be used to kill them if they fall off a high enough incline. However, aiming directly at a target in close proximity and firing will vaporize them into a fine red mist of blood, instantaneously killing them. Their weapons will drop onto the ground but you won't be able to loot the body. Firing in this manner will drop any guns for hire and specialists into a 'downed' state, and will need to be revived. Firing again will vaporize them and you will need to wait for the cooldown before you can use them again.

It is possible to vaporize dead bodies, which is very useful to prevent enemies from finding them.

The vacuum wave has little effect on vehicles; it only causes them to be shifted slightly, with the exception of the quad bike, which gets pushed around with ease.

How to get Magnopulser Far Cry 5 Quick Video Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvWlr7Rb2ic