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Damage Low
Magazine Size 8 (SP), 12 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 24 + 8 rounds
Price 4 Diamond Diamonds
Reliability upgrade 1 Diamond Diamonds
Accuracy upgrade 1 Diamond Diamonds
Ammunition upgrade 7 Diamond Diamonds
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The Makarov is a secondary weapon in Far Cry 2.


The Makarov PM is a pistol designed by the Soviet Union after World War II. Many Eastern Bloc countries preferred to make their own pistols, but kept the 9x18mm round the Makarov uses. Despite this, the Makarov has been exported to certain nations that were friendly with the Soviet Union, such as Vietnam and Cuba.


The Makarov is obtained after escaping the skirmish in Pala. The faction who rescues the player may provide him with one before his first mission. The weapon is also one of the first that can be purchased from the weapon shop and can be found in the hands of enemies until the first faction mission of Act 1, where it is replaced with the Star .45.


The Makarov is quite accurate for a handgun, which makes it a great supplement to a shotgun early in the game. However, it is not very powerful and at least four shots are required to down a target. However, headshots still kill enemies instantly, as with any other weapon.

Even though the iron sight is small and without any "zoom", the Makarov is among the most accurate weapons in the game, with the exception of scoped rifles.

This weapon has a high reliability, so it will not jam during a long trip, especially with the Reliability Upgrade.


  • After being rescued by a buddy, you may be issued a brand new Makarov.