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Map and GPS

The Map and GPS are the player's primary means of orientation and navigation in Far Cry 2. The Map and GPS can be brought up by pressing "5" on PC, "Back" on Xbox, and "Select" on PS3.


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The Northern Rail yard can be seen in Sector Scale by entering it

The map shows the locations of various places of importance to the player such as Safe Houses, Checkpoints, Faction HQs, Weapons Shops, Communication Towers, Underground Locations and so on. The player can change the scale of the map. The map has three scales:

  • Regional Scale - This shows the entire region the player currently occupies, be it Leboa-Sako or Bowa Seko. This scale shows Bus Stops, the central town, Weapons Shops and Communication Towers only.
  • District Scale - The Regional scale is divided into 9 sectors. The player character will change the sector according to which sector they are in. This scale shows more details such as checkpoints, safe houses, discovered diamond cases, weapons shops and discovered Jackal Tapes.
  • Sector Scale - This scale is only available if the player is in an area on the map which is enclosed by a line and is lighter than the other areas such as the town of Pala or Mosate Selao. This scale shows the locations of vehicles, ammo crates, fuel crates, explosive crates, medical supplies, machine guns, sniper towers and so on which can be tagged using the monocular.


The GPS has a sensor on the top right corner of the device, right below the antenna, which can detect beacons in diamond briefcases. The sensor has a green LED light, which starts blinking when the player is close to a diamond case. The frequency of the blinking increases the closer the player is to a case and it will remain solid when the player is looking in the direction of the case.

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