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Master Sandesh
Sandesh nocauteando Ajay
Name: Sandesh
Status: Deceased
Role: Main Antagonist
Birthplace: Kyrat
Date of death: 2014
Cause of death: Killed by Ajay Ghale or Hurk (Coop)
Nationality: Kyrati
Religion: Cult of Yalung
Height: 5' 10¾" (1.80 m)
Weight: 170 lbs (77 kg)
Residence(s): Lost Valley
Affiliation: The Awakened Ones
Profession: Leader of The Awakened Ones
Games: Valley of the Yetis DLC

Master Sandesh is a character and antagonist in Far Cry 4's Valley of the Yetis. He is the leader of The Awakened Ones, and tries to kill Ajay on many occasions.


Previously, Sandesh was the Commander of Yuma's expedition, they were in the Valley behind The Relic, without having much knowledge about what they were dealing with, they obeyed the orders of Yuma and came to the Valley, his expedition was made up of two teams, it came the Valley with the Team One, coming just after the Team Two, the first to arrive in the Valley, he ordered his subordinates caught a house and sets up a Relay Station, after that were behind the relic information.

The Expedition was days in the Valley, his men bathing in a cave that was on top of the station, in the game called Canyon of Awakening, but the night they heard unfamiliar roar, one of his men said to be a man cry but distorted, and, in one of his search for the relic, saw a yeti alone, while showering in the Canyon of Awakening, he became dizzy and fainted, he woke up and began to praise Yalung next to his men, thus making The Awakened Ones.

Valley of the YetisEdit

Ajay Ghale, after arriving in the valley and killing each of the Cultists, finds a Relay Station, he takes to himself and tries to use the radio that had there. Sandesh had already been alerted to the arrival of Ajay and pretends to be a member of a rescue team and attempts to comfort Ajay, but after that he heard soldiers coming there after killing them and esparar dawn, Ajay turned on the radio again Sandesh and presents him says he was with his driver and that if Ajay was not he would kill him. Ajay goes to the cave Canyon of Awakening and kill the Cultists present there, but to approach him, Sandesh appears and the knockout. He takes Ajay to a cave where there was a "Awakened" and return to his fortress. The next day he finds out that Ajay is alive and block the signal out of the valley, thus Ajay could not help, but Ajay unlock the signal. A few days later, he was the gates of his fortress breaking out and discovery that Ajay was invading, he sends soldiers for his protection but Ajay passes all of them and kill Sandesh.


  • His head is probably the same as Pirate Berserkers or Privateer Chargers, just reskinned.
  • As Ajay, Sandesh ever had the illusion of becoming a Yeti, thus making it become more curious about Yalung, believing he is the right hand of Yalung.
  • Several times, he and his men tried to invoke Yalung, as you can read in his notes.
  • Sandesh uses different clothes in his meetings with Ajay.
  • Sandesh can be killed by Hurk in Coop.
  • The word sandesh or सन्देश means 'message' in Nepali and Indian languages


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