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  • Hello! I know yoy said you were retiring but if yoy ever decide to come back onto Wiki, I could surely use your help! The other admin has changed Jacob's age to 44 and Joseph to 42.

    Jacob Seed is actually 47 and Joseph is 44. Let me explain this.

    Before FAR CRY 5 was released, Ubisoft had created "ID" cards with information such as eye color, age, etc. But those were BEFORE the game was released on March 27, 2018. When the game was published, Ubisoft had modified the characters and had changed them from what the "ID" cards.

    Here is proof and example: It says Jacob had green eyes, correct? But why does he have blue eyes in the game. Because Ubisoft had changed his character just before its release.

    Another example: Faith's hair was supposed to be red. But in the game she now has blonde/brown hair. Why? Because Ubisoft corrected this prior to release as well.

    Jacob's age was 47 and Joseph's age was 44 in 2018. But 2 years later they have changed without the permission as well as official proof from the creator of FAR CRY 5. Why did the admin decide to change it now? Why did Ubisoft leave it for 2 years then all of a sudden it gets changed? Ubisoft knew what they wanted and knew what their characters were supposed to be and look like.

    When i read their ages changed I became infuriated and cannot explain how saddening this is to me. I hope people will ubderstand my proof and that they too will agree with me instead of believing false information.

    Sincerely xxx

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    • Don't listen to this spammer, this user keeps bothering and threatning other staff and I to be blocked if Jaco's age is not changed back. They have no proof what so ever!

      We ned your help to stop this Reverend92 and Desyndra will not stand this childish nonsense anymore.

      "May Pagans light, shine upon you all" (talk) 09:05, January 19, 2020 (UTC)Wikiawrider

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