Vulcan Minigun
VulcanMinigun FC2004
Damage 20
Magazine Size Unlimited
Maximum Ammunition Unlimited
Used by Grunt

The  Far Cry  Weapons
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The mounted Minigun is a heavy assault weapon that can only be used when mounted on enemy gun placements in camps, towers, and bunkers.

It has fairly long range and is quite accurate, killing enemies in a matter of seconds, and holds unlimited ammo. Its high rate of fire and bullet calibre is capable of easily shredding vehicles.


It is possible to acquire an invisible, portable minigun as a 5th weapon through a glitch on the Boat level. Simply be using a minigun when the level ends, and it will appear in Jack's weapons inventory on subsequent levels.

Note that if a regular mounted minigun is used afterwards, the minigun will be removed from the inventory. Also, the minigun is removed if game triggers cause all weapons to be removed from inventory.