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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

Ministry of Public Affairs (Ministry of Public Affairs and Social Harmony) is a government ministry in Kyrat, under the control of Pagan Min. They are mainly responsible for controlling radio and television broadcasts within Kyrat, as well as broadcasting propaganda in favour of Pagan Min's government.

The Ministry of Public Affairs headquarters in situated in the North of Kyrat, outside of Utkarsh. It also serves as a military checkpoint for vehicles traveling through the area.


The Ministry of Public Affairs and Social Harmony's main responsibility is controlling Kyrati National Media (through radio and television). Through these mediums, they broadcast propaganda for Pagan Min's Government.

Secondary Responsibilities include protecting the broadcasting equipment, and setting up temporary propaganda stations throughout Kyrat.


In order to broadcast radio throughout Kyrat, the Ministry retrofitted all the bell towers in the country with broadcasting equipment. These towers were either intentionally boarded up, or just left to fall apart, so as to make it difficult to scale the towers and hijack the broadcasting equipment.

The Ministry also had a broadcasting station inside the Royal Palace (for both TV and Radio), and a headquarters to the west of Utkarsh.


The Ministry is only mentioned on Kyrati Royal Radio during propaganda announcements.

Every propaganda broadcast begins with "The following is an announcement from the Ministry of Public Affairs and Social Harmony".

At the beginning of the game, the broadcasts are generic propaganda, but as the player progresses through the game, they change to more desperate attempts to win over the Kyrati people.

Some of these announcements are:

"Abandoning Kyrat in our time of need is an unforgivable sin. Any Royal Army deserters will be shot, anyone found harbouring deserters will also be shot. May Pagan's Light Shine Upon You All."

"Looting the corpses of Royal Army soldiers is an act of high treason, their weapons and equipment are the property of Pagan Min, and taking these items is as bad as robbing our dear leader himself. May Pagan's Light Shine Upon You All."

Following the end of the game, if the player has not liberated all the bell towers, the lady voicing the announcements will beg for Pagan to return to Kyrat.

Occasionally, Pagan Min will make announcements himself on Kyrati Royal Radio, and he has made at least one television appearance during his reign.