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Mortar FC2004
Damage High
Magazine Size Unlimited
Maximum Ammunition Unlimited
Reload Time 2.0 sec
Used by Grunt

The Mk 19 or Mounted Mortar Launcher Platform in Far Cry, (and not to be confused with the Type 63 Mortar, as seen in Far Cry 2 and 4) is a belt-fed, automatic 40mm grenade launcher, or grenade machine gun, that entered U.S. military service during the Cold War, first seeing action during the Vietnam War and remaining in service today. It fires slightly larger ammo as compared to the M79 and MGL-140, and it also fires it at a much faster rate.

Far Cry

The Mortar is a heavy assault weapon with a slow rate of fire, that can only be used when mounted, to be found on enemy gun placements such as camps, towers and bunkers.

Mk 19
FC2 Grenade launcher stand
Damage High
Magazine Size Unlimited (but can over-heat)
Maximum Ammunition Unlimited
Price Free

It has a long range capability and holds unlimited ammo. While holding the fire button the player can mark the location he's currently looking at with his crosshair. An additional red crosshair then shows the exact position the Mortar must be positioned at to fire at the before marked target. The Mortar fires as soon as the fire button is released.

Far Cry 2

The Mk 19 can only be found in Act 2, as mounted gun on vehicles or as a gun emplacement on a tripod or sandbags. It is also the last upgrade for your Safe Houses, upgrading the mounted gun on the vehicle. This can be achieved by completing all the subverted Buddy missions in Act 2. It is a very powerful weapon and superior to the rocket launcher. It can take out a vehicle with one shot, and can fire continuously until it overheats, allowing the player to easily clear out entire guard posts in a matter of seconds.

Since the launched rounds travel on an arced trajectory, the user must take this into account to get an accurate hit. This means the user has to aim higher than their target so that the projectile will land on the intended spot. Useful for hitting targets that are behind objects or buildings. It does take a while to finally be able to hit targets accurately, but when the player has mastered it, they can hit enemies from very long distances and leave them wondering what just happened.

Trivia Video of Mk 19 firing. Note how in real life the Mk 19 will not overheat with continuous use.

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