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« The Ministry of Social Harmony has deemed Mohan Ghale an official agitator of the peace. Ghale founded the treacherous Golden Path and actively sought to assassinate our beloved leader, Pagan Min. »

King Min's Kyrat

Mohan Ghale is a character who appears in Far Cry 4, and the secondary antagonist of Pagan: Control. He is Ajay Ghale's father and the founder of the Golden Path. His journal is scattered across Kyrat for decades and eventually collected by Ajay in 21st century.


In 1981 Mohan was married to Ishwari, even though she was born in 1968, which means she was only 13 year old at her wedding. Worse, their marriage was arranged and approved by her parents, and the religious leaders of Jalendu Temple paid her dowry. The village elders only warned against this because they regarded marrying the Tarun Matara as bringing 'bad luck', not because of her age.

In the same year Mohan became a member of the Royal Guard and was personally shaken by the murder of the royal family in 1985 by the Nationalists during the First Kyrati Civil War, which he was unable to stop as he had been knocked down by a grenade blast thrown by Nationalists who stormed the Royal Palace. Shortly after their murders, Mohan rallied the Royalists to continue fighting against Nationalists, but the Nationalists were stronger. Then Pagan Min and Yuma Lau arrived in Kyrat with their vast triad gang, as well as a distant relative of the royal family. Pagan offered assistance and told the Royalists he was interested in helping reinstate the royal family. Mohan and Pagan had a brief partnership during which Mohan seemed to have a high opinion of him describing him as intelligent and well-spoken, this however did not last long before Pagan revealed his true colors. Once the Royalists had obtained power, Pagan betrayed the royalists, murdered the young boy who was to be heir to the throne and took the throne for himself in 1987. Mohan was deeply affected by the betrayal and shortly after organized the remnants of Royalists into the Golden Path that fought in Second Kyrati Civil War seeking to overthrow Pagan Min. Mohan named the Golden Path after a dream Ishwari told him she had, in which she witnessed them both "walking down a golden path". When Mohan told Ishwari what he had named the organization, she smiled.

Mohan seems to have genuinely loved Ishwari, though was unable to ever fully pull himself away from Kyrati political machinations, and very early on his marriage to Ishwari became subject to those political machinations. As early as 1987, Mohan proposed that Ishwari, as Tarun Matara, serve as head of state in the absence of a royal heir and under the protection of a regent; presumably, Mohan would be that regent. In 1988, they gave birth to their son Ajay Ghale. Also within the same year, Mohan had begun accepting assistance from the US government in dismantling Pagan's regime. It is unknown why the US government wanted to see Pagan taken out of power (although it is implied Pagan's decision to turn Kyrat into a Narco-State served as justification for US intervention) but the CIA supplied Mohan and the Golden Path with weapons. However, Mohan was very wary of the Americans and refused their offers to provide military advisors on the grounds that "This is a war for Kyrat and it must be won by Kyratis, not Americans." Again, while done for seemingly altruistic reasons, the effect of this decision was to leave Mohan alone as the sole leader of the resistance against Pagan.

By 1988 his marriage with Ishwari became strained and they fought frequently, to the point where Mohan describes in his journals not wanting to come home at night. Ishwari claimed she felt ignored by Mohan and the movement and that she wanted to help them fight and be more than just a figurehead. As retaliation Mohan, sent her to Pagan's palace as a spy, hoping that being so close to the action would sufficiently horrify Ishwari enough to make her withdraw any further attempts to help with the rebellion. He was startled however to learn Ishwari was an excellent spy, so much so that Pagan began to deeply trust and respect her. Mohan encouraged Ishwari to use this to her advantage, to get closer to Pagan, and even to bring Ajay with her to the Palace in order to bolster her cover story, regardless of the danger posed to both her and their son.

The relationship between Pagan and Ishwari eventually blossomed to a full romantic affair. Mohan learned Ishwari had a second child with Pagan, a daughter named Lakshmana. Mohan was enraged and killed Lakshmana. Although the reason why he killed her is never clearly stated, his journals suggest it was out of a combination of anger over Ishwari's betrayal and a desire to prevent Pagan from having an heir. Mohan refers to his murder of Lakshmana as "fixing" Ishwari's "mistake". Ishwari shot him soon after and fled with Ajay to the United States. In his journals Mohan does not say why or how he killed Lakshmana but stresses that everything he did, he did for Ajay and Ajay's future. It is never explained what he meant by this.

A note from Ishwari shows she was already getting ready to flee the country before she had killed Mohan, citing him as one of the reasons she was leaving and saying he was "out of control" and that she was afraid of leaving Ajay alone with him. The note leaves why Ishwari killed Mohan in speculation. Willis suggest Mohan tried to murder her for leaving with Ajay, which if true means his murder was in self-defense.


  • It is unknown why Mohan killed Lakshmana. Although it is presumed to have been out of jealousy and Ishwari's affair, this is speculative. Mohan states in his journal that what he had done, he did for Ajay, which suggests an ulterior motive that is ultimately unknown. However, infanticide is unlikely to have any rational justification, and it is natural for Mohan to delude himself rather than fully face the reality that he murdered a toddler.
  • Despite many of his morally questionable approaches and his eventual descent into madness, Mohan's journals reflect that to whatever degree he sincerely cared for Kyrat. He often daydreams of possibilities for the country, including the abolishment of child labor and free education for all citizens. All of these are couched as achievements Mohan would bring about once in power, his concern ultimately nested within his own narcissism and desire for power.
  • Pagan and Mohan had a rivalry that had existed previous to Ishwari's affair and they both seemed to immensely dislike each other even before the truth about Ishwari had been revealed to them both. Pagan refers to Mohan in the easter egg ending as a "cunt".
  • Both Pagan Min and Amita are disgusted by Mohan abuses toward Ishwari, and therefore both want to crush the backward traditions that allow child marriage to be arranged and even endorsed by Kyrat religious leaders. Both Pagan Min and Amita want to vandalize Jalendu Temple as a result.
  • It's likely that the unique sawn off version of 1887 shotgun, the 87, belonged to Mohan and was found by Ajay in 21st century, as it's the only sawn off 1887 in the entire country and he wielded it according to the memories of Pagan Min in Pagan: Control.