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The  Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon  Weapons
Melee Dragon Blade
Handguns A.J.M. 9
Assault Rifles Fazertron
Shotguns Galleria 1991
Explosives Grenade · Molotox · C400 · Mine
Sniper Rifles Kobracon
Machine Guns Terror 4000
Specials Bow · Flamer · Killstar

“Optimists see the bottle as half-full. Pessimists, half-empty. But a rare few see an incendiary device capable of flambéing enemies faster than you can say crème brûlée. We call these fine folks, visionaries. The original Molotox cocktail was invented during the Spanish Civil War and named by the Finns after the Soviets invaded Finland. Frankly, ever since then the Finnish have been coasting by on that win.”
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The Molotox is a throwable explosive in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Essentially it's a futuristic version of the Molotov seen in Far Cry 3, and is used the same way.

The only Omega Force unit that uses the Molotox is the aptly named Molotox Striker.

Like its Far Cry 3 counterpart, the Molotox can set huge areas on fire and can kill countless Omega Force soldiers.