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Far Cry 2 First Scout

A player using the monocular to tag a health station

The Monocular is piece of equipment which is available to the player in Far Cry 2.

The monocular can be accessed by opening the Map and GPS and holding the "aim" button. Only those objects highlighted in green in the reticle can be tagged and added to the map.

The monocular can be used to mark certain objects in the surrounding area on the map, such as health stations, machine gun emplacements, vehicles, Ammo Piles, Fuel Piles, Explosives Piles and sniper/rocket nests. The player need only tag one instance of each type of object to mark all such objects on the map. For instance, tagging a buggy at one end of a compound will make the assault truck at the other end appear on the map.

The monocular can be used to observe the player's objective or a place of interest if he does not have scoped weapon. It can also be used to "scout" a guard post from a distance by tagging that post's characteristic resource by hitting the "fire" button when the reticle turns green.


  • The monocular seems to be only half of the binoculars that the player brings with them to the UAC. The binoculars in question can be seen on the seat next to the player during the introductory taxi ride. It is left unexplained how they ended up broken, but a possible theory is that they were damaged during the Pala Hotel assault. Another theory is that it was a design choice to fit in with the overall theme of decay and destruction.