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« I'm going to make you look fierce. »

Mumu Chiffon to Ajay

Mumu Chiffon is a character who appears in Far Cry 4. He used to be Pagan Min's tailor until the two had a falling out, and Min tried to have him executed. He tasks Ajay Ghale with hunting rare animals. He mentions to Ajay that he studied at a top Parisian academy.

After completing the Kyrat Fashion Week quest line, he will ask you to come back to his house for the Kyrat Fashion Week. However, his studio is destroyed and he left a note telling Ajay that Min has found him, due to "reports of a lone gunman with fabulous pouches" and that he plans to smuggle himself out of the country on a goat caravan.


  • After the first cutscene, Chiffon does not appear personally, but only by radio.
  • In Far Cry 5, a book named "Mumu's Fashion Week" appears in random places around Hope County.
  • He is cross-eyed.


  • "Be fierce, Ajay!"
  • "When I say "be fierce" it means live intensely and without fear. Be bold and strive for quality in all you do. Above all, be free to express yourself however you fucking well please, regardless of what others think. That's fierce.