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“If you’re expecting sai-wielding, post-pubescent ninjas with attitude, think again. These turtles can’t hold a katana to save their lives, can’t grind down a sewer pipe, and don’t have a deep connection with mouthy rats. And if you shoot them, they don't say 'dude'. Actually... what do turtles sound like? Anyone?”
Data Console
Mutated Turtle

Mutated Turtle

The Mutated Turtle is an animal in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

It is the Blood Dragon equivalent of the Galapagos Tortoise in Far Cry 3.


  • The Data Console description is a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a multimedia franchise centered around a group of four anthropomorphic turtles that are known to do each of the things mentioned in the description.