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Nadine Abercrombie is a character found in Far Cry 5.

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Far Cry 5

Nadine lived with her grandfather, Melvin Abercrombie, at Abercrombie Residence in the Henbane River region but she decided to move to Colin Abercrombie's place after Melvin joined the cult. When the events of Far Cry 5 unfold, she lives at Dodd Residence and is a quest giver: she sends the Junior Deputy on a mission to retrieve a series of comic books.

Far Cry New Dawn

Although she has no active role and she is not even present in Far Cry New Dawn, her legacy lives on as a treasure hunt mission. According to a note and a tape recording that she left behind in her bunker, she left Hope County not long before the Security Captain's arrival, in order to travel the country and build up the best and the most complete collection of comic books.


  • When speaking to her she tells you the cult tattoed 'Sloth' on her chest and that it hurts like hell. She also tells you they (the cult) has done so to 'everyone'.
    "The cult tattoed 'Sloth' on my chest, hurts like hell. They do the same to everyone they get their hands on."
    there is also a spelling mistake in her dialog the 'get' is spelled 'gt' though the voice actress says 'get'.
  • if you defeat Faith, Jacob and John she will talk about Jacob and Faith's defeat but with John she acts as though he is still not taken care of.


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