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Nana is a character in Far Cry New Dawn. She is a Gun for Hire for the player.


Despite amnesia and partial narcolepsy, Nana is a crack shot with a sharp wit. As one of the last grannies of Hope County, she speaks her mind and demands respect.

Far Cry 5

Nana did not appear in the game, but most likely lived in Hope County at the time.

Far Cry New Dawn

After the nuclear holocaust, Nana made her home in an abandoned corn tower called Nana's Perch. She also contructed a shooting range to keep her skills sharp. When The Security Captain meets Nana, she agrees to fight the Highwaymen for them if they can complete her sniper course. Her final test is shooting a signal flare into the sky to lure the Highwaymen to their location, forcing the Captain and Nana to mow down all the bandits. After defeating their enemies, Nana becomes impressed by the Captain's sharpshooting and agrees to become the Captain's Gun for Hire.

Gameplay attributes

As a Gun For Hire, Nana is a sniper and utilizes a silenced Rusty SVD. Leveling her up lets her see through smoke screens and shoot through cover.

Nana is exceptionally useful in the early-to-mid game when she can kill almost any human enemy in a single headshot without the enemy being able to pinpoint her location. She loses much of her effectiveness once the Highwaymen start wearing helmets.

Being a sniper and an old woman, Nana is the most fragile companion in the game, so care should be taken to keep her as far away from the enemy as possible. She also fares poorly against all but the weakest hostile animals.


  • According to Nana's journal, she is certain she lived with another individual in her corn tower but due to her amnesia, she is unsure who that person was. She thinks it may have been her husband or a daughter.
  • Nana is attracted to Pastor Jerome and propositions him for sex during one of their conversations.
  • When Nana speaks to Grace Armstrong it's revealed that they were friends before the Collapse. Grace also calls her Jamila.
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