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Nasreen Davar
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Dossier info
Age 29
Place of Birth Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan
Nationality Tajik
Height 5’4”
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Weight 120lbs
Experience Unknown

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“Has grown up with war. Can see it in her eyes. Most likely seen more combat than many of the men here.
She's not flashy. Prefers smaller calibre weapons. Likes the close quarter combat.
Heard she was Northern Alliance. Rumors that she escaped US rendition to Kuwait.”

Journal Description

Nasreen Davar was born in Tajikistan and is a character in Far Cry 2.


Nasreen is a buddy to the player character in Far Cry 2.


During the progress of the game, Nasreen may ask you to do a couple of favours for her.

  • Guina Assassination
  • Driveby  

In the last mission, The Jackal will ask you to get the diamonds briefcase. When you get to the objective's location, it is revealed that your past buddies were planning to get out of the country by plane with those diamonds. She walks in front of you, sending some of your buddies to kill you, because they knew what you were going to do with those diamonds. They start shooting, and the player kills her and all of his past buddies.  


  • Nasreen appears to have a personal grudge against the UFLL's leader Addi Mbantuwe. If she is your best buddy, in many of her subversion mission briefings she mentions getting payback against Mbantuwe as her primary motive for the subversion operations. Other buddies do not mention Mbantuwe specifically in their subversion mission briefings.
  • Nasreen carries either a FAL Paratrooper rifle, an AR-16 assault rifle, or a M249 SAW light machine gun, which is determined randomly whenever she appears.



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