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The Nationalists were a faction in Far Cry 4. They opposed the Royalists in the Kyrati Civil War and were made up of foreign criminals and armed with American made weapons. They stormed the palace sometime after the beginning of the struggle and killed the Royal Family. The Nationalists probably wanted to open up Kyrat's economy to international markets and invite International companies to Kyrat. Although this was probably ignored by Mohan. Mohan had said that they were supported by "Foreign Criminals", so it possible that they used mercenaries, although Mohan later use lighter words on Pagan's mercenaries. After Pagan's takeover, they probably join the Golden Path as they would view Pagan as a traitor and pillaging drug lord. Although their "Foreign Criminals" probably joined Pagan. It is however possible that they were just a bunch of drug pedalling warlords who sought control of Kyrat.