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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

Nepal is a country in the Himalayas bordering China and India. Kyrat does NOT replace Nepal in Far Cry world, as Nepalese Crows exist in Far Cry 4. Furthermore, WW2 happened in Far Cry world, which was participated by Gurkhas from Nepal.

Kyrat has numerous similarities to them, being regional neighbors:

The name Kyrat seems to have been derived from the real name Kirat. The Kirāta (Sanskrit: किरात) is a generic term in Sanskrit literature for people who lived in the mountains, particularly in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Kirata Kingdom in Sanskrit literature and Hindu mythology refers to any kingdom of the Kirata people, who were dwellers mostly in the Himalayas (mostly eastern Himalaya).

Presently, the Kirat (or Kirati, Kiranti or Kirant) people are indigenous ethnic groups of the Himalayas (mid-hills) extending eastward from Nepal into India, Bangladesh, Burma, and beyond.

The Kukri from Far Cry and Far Cry 4 is the iconic weapon originated from Nepal.

The Nepalese concept of Kumari as the vessels of their living goddess is similar to the Tarun Matara in Kyrat, although the latter is exploitive and abusive, unlike the Kumari who are well protected from such backward savagery.

The myth of Shangri-La and Yeti also originated from Nepal, although while they remains as myths in Nepal, Kalinag and Ajay Ghale physically encountered them in Kyrat.

First Kyrati Civil War bears a strong resemblance to Nepalese Civil War, the Nationalists are analogous to the Maoists of Nepal and the Royalists are analogous to the Royal Nepali Army.

Kyrat Intl. Airport is similar to Jomsom Airport and Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Nepal, especially the latter with the dangerous runway.