No Way Out is the second story mission in Far Cry 5.

In-game description

"Escape the cult."


  • FLEE
  • Meet the Marshal at the trailer house


Immediately following their failed attempt to arrest the Father and subsequent narrow escape from Joseph Seed and his army of followers, unfortunately resulting in some of their allies' capture, the Deputy and Burke escape the crashed helicopter, but run in different directions.

The Deputy manages to escape Eden's Gate while gathering weapons from the surrounding area. Once they get far enough, Burke comes over the radio relaying his location at a nearby worksite in the main trailer. Upon getting there themselves, the Deputy reunites with their remaining ally in a very unconventional way. The Marshal immediately starts panicking over the mess they stirred up before reiterating his intention to end the Seeds once and for all, with additional reinforcements of course. No sooner does he lay out their plan to escape Hope County than more lunatics from Eden's Gate show up, forcing a firefight, as the Deputy covers Burke while he starts up an escape vehicle.

Unfortunately, even trying to escape on wheels fails as the two are repeatedly impeded by Peggy roadblocks, having to drive offroad through most of the woodlands, until the cult brings in air support as airplanes drop bombs into their pathway. Just as they manage to outrun their pursuers and make it to the outgoing bridge, a plane comes in and drives them right off the side into the river.

When the Deputy regains consciousness, both Burke and they try and escape the sinking vehicle. Though the Deputy emerges on shore alive, they see from a distance as the Marshal is captured by Seed's followers. At the same time, an unknown figure carrying a shotgun appears over the dazed Deputy and drags them away.


  • Nothing


  • As Soon as the player gains control, the binoculars are given to them and can be used for the following campsite.
  • If the Player were to sprint through the door where the Marshal is hiding, the cutscene will play normally, which sets the player back.
  • this is the first instance that a "follower" uses a shotgun, and is the first time the SBS is seen in-game.

Video Walkthrough

No Way Out /Story Mission - Joseph's Compound/

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