Northern Oros is a part of Oros in Far Cry Primal. It is the home of
NAT-Udam Village

The bleak north.

the Udam tribe and infamous for its harsh, brutal living conditions. Locked in an eternal winter, the region is characterised by steep and bleak mountains, frozen rivers, and ice caves. Udam camps and their mammoth bone trees can be found all around this area.


Northern Oros still retains some of the massive glaciers that once covered all of Oros. Due to the landform process of deposition occuring after glaciation, Northern Oros is littered with random rocks left behind by the receding glaciers. Thick permafrost still covers much of the north, and the cold is deadly. The region contains two valleys isolated by rifts. In the northeast lies the Udam Homeland, where the aurora borealis (northern lights) shine at night. In the northwest is Mamaf Valley, where Udam have created a graveyard of mammoth bones. This valley is also home to the Bloodtusk Mammoth, an enraged mother mammoth who is still haunted at the death of her young. The valley is more rugged than the rest of Northern Oros due to glaciers still being present there, and only just receding. Sulfuric acid lakes dot the valley.

Main Resources

  • North Cedars
  • North Black Rock
  • North Clay