Oicw 1
Damage 15 (bullet), 190 (grenade)
Magazine Size 40
Maximum Ammunition 300
Reload Time 2.02 sec
Fire Mode Automatic for rifle, semi-auto for grenade launcher
Ammunition 5.56x45mm, 20mm grenades
Used by Indoor Guard, Elite Guard, Rear Guard

The  Far Cry  Weapons
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The XM29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) is an assault rifle in Far Cry.

The OICW is an open terrain warfare weapon with an integrated 3x magnification power scope and high explosive grenade launcher. Compared to the G36, its scope is non-adjustable, offering x3 magnification, a compromise over the G36's dual x2/x4 magnification settings. The weapon's capability for sniping at long range like the AW50 and rapid fire at close-mid range like the M4 makes it one of the most versatile firearms in the game. It is best suited to outdoor terrain where it may be the player's best friend.

The OICW features an integrated grenade launcher which is vastly superior to its G36 counterpart. The launcher can carry up to 5 grenades in a clip at once, each grenade possessing superior range and a flatter firing arc. This makes the OICW good at rapidly dispatching most types of armored targets or enemies in cover. It additionally holds 40 rounds in its magazine, better than the 30 round clips used by the M4 or G36.

Far Cry Classic

In Far Cry Classic, the OICW has been given a new, more detailed model.