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Oeduard Rex is a primary mission during Act I in Far Cry 2.

The mission is given to the player by Leon Gakumba, at the UFLL headquarters in Pala.


The UFLL has discovered that the country's wealthy king has returned to the country after being in exile in Europe. It’s unclear what the king’s intentions are, but he has returned with a large cache of gold worth several million. The gold is currently stored at an oasis and is guarded by APR forces. The UFLL wants you to locate the gold and send them the exact coordinates so they can retrieve it.

Objectives and Walkthrough

Main Objective

After receiving the mission objectives from Gakumba, all you need to do is go to the Oasis, tag the gold and the mission will be completed.

Location Objective
Pala Receive mission objectives.
Oasis Head to the oasis and tag the gold for the UFLL.

Subverted Mission

After accepting the mission, you will get a call from your best buddy. Your buddy will ask you to meet him/her at a safehouse to the north of the Occidental Growers Company. At the safehouse, you will be asked to go to the Fort, kill the king and recover his ring. Once you get rid of the king and take his ring, you will once again be asked to go to the safehouse where you'll meet Prince Oeduard. Oeduard will tell you that your buddy has already gone to the oasis and that you should go meet them there. He'll also ask you for the ring, and will offer you one of his unique vehicles in return for your services.

When you get to the oasis, you'll find your buddy waiting for you next to a cistern. Go down the ladder to tag the gold. Before you do, however, don't forget to retrieve the supplies on the floor above the gold. Once you enter the cistern, a fire fight will erupt above ground, so tag the gold, then quickly get back up the ladder to help your buddy.

Location Objective
Safehouse north of OGC Meet your buddy who might have a better deal.
Fort Kill the king for his ring.
Safehouse north of OGC Return to the safe house.
Oasis Head for the oasis and tag the gold for the UFLL.
Oasis Help your buddy neutralize the APR.


  • You will find a used AS50 sniper rifle in the safehouse where you meet your buddy.
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