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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

Old Mines is an Outpost in Far Cry 3.

It can be taken over by the player and used as a Rakyat Outpost as well as providing a Wanted Dead mission and a Path of the Hunter mission.


Old Mines is located on the northern area of the North Rook Island. It is found not too far west of Badtown and Birdhouse Tower. It is also directly opposite of the area's Radio Tower.

Notable features


As with all Outposts, it is recommended that the player uses stealth to take them over. A hill that precedes above the outpost is perfect for sniping down the first few guards and also for taking out the alarms. When the alarms have been destroyed, if not already open, it then is suggested that Jason opens the animal cage to get rid of a few more mercenaries before striding in to finish off the job. An alternative to this is so sneak through the caves in the large quarry. There is a rope bridge to cross, and then you will eventually get to a spot behind a basic Pirate and a Sniper, where they can be killed with a Takedown.