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Oliver Tambossa is the leader of the APR, Chief of Staff of the former government and character in Far Cry 2.


He collected the remnants of the collapsed government's army to stand against the UFLL. The resistance is run from the offices of The Standard newspaper at Mosate Selao in the Southern District. Though technically a rebel, he still wears his major's military uniform from the previous government.

Far Cry 2

If the player is working for the APR, Major Tambossa will be in introduced to the player by Nick Greaves in Act 2. The two then brief the player on all faction missions at the APR HQ in Port Selao. At the climax of Act 2, the APR betrayed the player and left him for dead. The player is discoverd by UFLL lieutenant Hector Voorhees who tasked the player to assasinate Major Tambossa to even the odds after the assassination of their own leader, Addi Mbantuwe.

If the player chooses to act as Addi Mbantuwe's representative in the climax of Act 2, The Jackal assassinates Oliver Tambossa at Dogon Sediko.


  • According to the mission, Jack in a Box, Tambossa had a brother, but he was assassinated by an unknown gunman.
  • The player can choose to kill him in Act 2.