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Omega Force Elite

The Omega Force Elite wears much of the same armour as the rest of Omega Force in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but in yellow with black stripes. They are encountered later in the game and pose more of a threat than their weaker cousins, but are only seen in small numbers. Omega Force Assaulters, Omega Force Berserkers, Omega Force Snipers, Omega Force Heavy Flamers, Omega Force Heavy Gunners and Omega Force Molotox Striker have all an Elite variant that can be found in main or secondary missions or,sometimes, patrolling on the island.

Omega Force Elites have better armor than regular Omega Force soldiers, but the degree to which their armor is superior varies depending on the type of soldier. Elite Assaulters have twice as much health as the regular Assaulters, while Elite Heavy Gunners and Elite Snipers only have about 20% more health than the regular version.

Elite Snipers will often carry a rocket launcher instead of a sniper rifle.

outside the mains and secondary missions, the are often seen patrolling around cabins protected by shields, usually with two assaulters.

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