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Omega Force Sniper

“The sharpest shot in any military squad, the Omega Force sniper has a digitally enhanced targeting system that allows him to strike anything that isn’t behind cover. When you see the sniper’s red targeting beam, make sure you’re not in front of it or you won’t see much more in a few seconds.”
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The Omega Force Snipers in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon act much like the ones in Far Cry 3.

They can be identified by their laser attachments on their sniper rifles, and by their swept back helmet. They have slightly more health than the Omega Force Assaulters, being able to survive a couple more bullets from the Fazertron or A.J.M. 9. They mostly stay in back of the battle unless you bring it to them. For inexperienced players they can be a real problem, and when attacking a garrison they should be the first units you engage since they will spot you much easier and from a distance, quickly alerting the others in the area.

The Elite version of the sniper usually caries a rocket launcher, which looks much like the RPG-7, although it cannot be equipped by the player.


  • The helmets sported by Omega Force snipers are strikingly similar to Death Star Gunners in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • They will switch to use Fazertron if the player approach them.

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