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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

Orphan Point is an Outpost on the North Island. It is the only outpost to be totally surrounded by water, since it is located on an island near to Calvary Point. It can be taken over by the player and used as a Rakyat outpost, as well as boasting a safe house and boat dock. It is also one of the few outposts not to have an alarm on it. Beware that there can spawn up to two Leopards at a time there, posing a danger to both the hostile guards before you take over the outpost, and to the Rakyat warriors after they have seized it.


Orphan Point is secluded on an island to the west of Calvary Point and noticeably close to Sunset Cove (Pirate Cove). From the island you can also see Mosquito Yard, another outpost.

Notable Objects

  • Wanted Dead / Path of the Hunter noticeboard
  • a boatyard
  • An exclusive boat that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • several explodable gas cans
  • a safe house


Stealth is a hard tactic to achieve on this particular outpost, however due to there not being an alarm it can easily be exploited as an 'All Guns Blazing' outpost. There is a sniper positioned on the roof of the safe house who should be the first target. Once he is dead, aim to blow up the gas cans littered over the camp as this will kill off several men. If there are any remaining, go in and shoot them as they should not be too hard to finish off and take the outpost.


  • The safe house appears to be modelled after a Fish and Chips restaurant.