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Map of Pala

Pala is the main town in the centre of Leboa-Sako, the Northern Territory, in Far Cry 2. A small African town in a state of anarchy, torn to pieces by guerilla warfare waged by the UFLL and the APR, warring factions that have all but replaced the local government. It is, however, quiet in Pala for now due to a cease fire.

Pala is the first notable location the player encounters and interacts with.


In the centre of town is a hotel where the player first encounters the Jackal. South of the hotel is a church housing Father Maliya.

To the west is the UFLL headquarters with its neighbouring 'restricted zone' to its north. The only ammo case and one of two diamond cases are inside. The APR headquarters is to the east with a 'restricted zone' to its immediate south with the second diamond case and an Assault Truck inside a garage. Both headquarters have their respective captains.

The town can be accessed by road from the NE, NW, SE, and SW corners continuing into a circle around the town. The 'H' shaped road within Pala is barricaded, blocking entrance by vehicle.

There are usually two Cars, north-west and south-west corners, and one Assault Truck parked in a garage in the south-east corner.

There are nine mounted guns, three medic boxes, two diamond cases, one ammo crate, and numerous derelict buildings, including a bus station in the south-west corner, filling the town.

Cease Fire Zone

"The town is under a cease fire. That means you can't shoot at anyone, or they'll shoot at you. Check your map for limits of the cease fire zone."

This is one of four areas in the game where APR and UFLL forces will not attack each other or the player. Road signs are posted at the entrance of these areas. The player will hold their weapon at an angle with the trigger finger outside of the trigger guard, so as to prevent suspicion or alarm. This is also the case with NPCs occupying the town. The cease fire will terminate if:

  • Detonates an explosive or fires a round, doesn't matter at what.
  • The player is seen inside the restricted areas (red on the map)
  • Player repeatedly runs into someone.
  • Holds someone at gunpoint for a prolonged period.

If the cease fire is broken for any reason, a full retreat is highly recommended as there is a high number of relentless armed combatants, numerous mounted weapons and vehicles making combat here dangerous.


  • The diamond case inside the garage can be opened from outside the garage through the window and will not cause alarm.
  • The vehicles in town will not spawn if you return in one previously obtained from here.


  • In Far Cry 4, Longinus mentions that he was brought to Pala after nearly dying in a civil war.
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