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Faith Seed injured.

Far Cry® 5 Boss Fight - Killing Faith Seed

Far Cry® 5 Boss Fight - Killing Faith Seed

Faith Seed's boss fight.

Paradise Lost is a main story mission in Far Cry 5. It takes place in Faith Seed's region of Henbane River. It will start automatically after the previous mission The Lesson is completed.


  • Kill Faith


Virgil and the Marshal are dead, due to Faith's Bliss and her control over the Marshal. Sheriff Whitehorse and others have been taken to Faith's bunker. The Junior Deputy has found and released those left in the jail that were still alive. Time to find Faith and end this madness. This mission starts during a cutscene - another one of Faith's Bliss-convoluted visions. She and Sheriff Whitehorse are walking hand in hand while they both sing Amazing Grace. Faith then guides Sheriff Whitehorse in picking a Bliss flower. As the Deputy tries to reach out to the Sheriff, Faith swats their hand away, threatening them as the Sheriff walks away.

Paradise Lost Story Mission - Faith's region-0

Paradise Lost Story Mission - Faith's region-0

At this point, players will have control again and can start shooting at Faith, thus starting the boss battle. She fires back with magic-like attacks (blissballs?) that do damage, so avoid them if possible. Faith will have a health bar so players can see the damage she is taking. She will spawn Angels to attack the deputy and create duplicates of herself to confuse the leap from reality even further. However, you can easily tell the clones from the real Faith as she will be surrounded by whirling red leaves instead of white leaves like the clones. Shoot the Angels to make them disappear. Faith herself will start attacking again. Most of her attacks can be avoided by staying on the move. After her health bar is empty, a final cutscene with Faith will begin. The next mission Walk the Path will start automatically.