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“I sent the two of them on patrol that day. They never came back. Just the boat, floating, empty. The jungle took them.”
Survival Guide

The Patrol Boat is a water vehicle in Far Cry , Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. It is a fast, moderately armored water vessel armed with a DShK heavy machine gun.

From the water, it can be a deadly adversary, since it is agile and able to get into position to fire very quickly. For this reason, it is best to try and kill the boat driver and/or gunner as soon as possible.

This is the recommended water vehicle for finding relics in the sea as you can take out sharks in the area with the machine gun before entering the water.

For your amusement, you can use one to take out an entire outpost, if it is near to the shoreline. In this role, the Patrol boat acts as a portable heavy machine gun. It is interesting that part of the inevitable enemy reinforcements (once the lead starts to fly) arrive at the scene by helicopter, adding more fun to the action. In Far Cry 4, they can be found NE of Kyrat (Northern Kyrat). They are heavily armored and have a good amount of firepower and walking space, making them very good for Co-op and multiplayer. They are occasionally used by Royal Guard troops, but never by Royal Army, Golden Path, or civilian units.


  • Armor: Medium
  • Speed: Average
  • Acceleration: Average


  • The Patrol Boat appears to be based on the American PBR,(Patrol Boat, River), which was used in Vietnam. Contradictory though, its armament consists of the Soviet-made DShK 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun.
  • The handbook entry is a quote from Marlon Brando's character in Apocalypse Now , a 1979 film set primarily on an American PBR during the Vietnam War.


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