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A Far Cry 5 Perk Magazine

Perk Magazines are collectible items in Far Cry 5. When activated they award the player with a single Perk Point.

Most of the Perk Magazines are located inside Prepper Stashes, usually in sets of three, but single copies can also be found in prepper bunkers that are not related to the Prepper Stash missions and at other locations too (for example, inside cabins, on tree platforms, "X marks the spot" treasure troves, etc.). Some of these locations do not have a marker on the map.

Henbane River Single Perk Magazines

The following is a list of single Perk Magazine locations, vaguely ordered clockwise from north (if you have challenges finding the ones not connected to map marker locations).

  • North of Drubman Marina (leave the marina and go west and then turn right up a dirt path off the road), there is an antenna.  Grapple up that.
  • East of the one listed above at the antenna, there's a cave (not on the river) that has a yellow backpack near the entrance and a magazine deeper in. Head east up the path from the antenna.
  • East of Drubman Marina and West of Raptor Peak is a river north of the ridge.  Sunken truck at the end of the river.
  • Island out from Drubman Marina.  The one where you fish for Ragnar.
  • Peaches Taxidermy – start where fast travel leaves you and turn around and go south.  Look for the waterfall on the left and the crashed truck at the shore at the base of the waterfall.
  • Camp Cougars – go to the hillside and shoot out the blockage to a cave.
  • Cave – north of Angel's Peak is a lake.  On the south side, not at the water side, but the mountain side, is a cave.  If you are at the lake, turn south and look up for a grapple point.
  • Tent under roadside underpass – This is east of the shrine that is east of Angel's Peak.
  • Bliss drying house – unmarked location north of the Purpletop Antenna and west of Eden's Convent.  There's a lot of Bliss drying racks outside.  It's on the road at the top of the curve.
  • Kings Hot Springs Hotel – to the northwest are bliss fields (see it on the map).  There's a shack here just north of the bunch of three fields.
  • Purpletop Antenna – ride the zip line down to a pronghorn hunter blind in a tree.
  • Sabre-Tooth Springs – back in the cave.
  • Abercrombie Residence
  • Nelson Residence
  • Rock Bass Lake – the largest island on the east side, on the south side of the island is a blocked cave. Shoot it.
  • Crashed airplane – south of Feeney Residence, north of Whistling Beaver Brewery, on the east side of the mountain.
  • Harrison Lookout Tower
  • Gethsemane Greenhouse bunker.
  • Puma mine – in the main building.
  • Ancient Bison Tunnel - in the school bus.
  • Jones Residence – down in the bunker.
  • Last Best Resting Place – there's a grave with a wooden cover.
  • Last Best Resting Place – north of here is an abandoned railroad track.  Follow it east into the tunnel, go down some, and see the little camping area on the right.
  • Henbane River Chalets – in cabin 4.
  • McClean Residence
  • Chan Residence
  • Railroad tunnel – from Hope County Jail, go north, then at the closest hill look for a railroad from west or east of that hill. Inside the tunnel look for overturned train car.
  • 8-bit pizza bar
  • Nature Cabin
  • Nature Cabin – follow the river north a bit (past the footbridge) and there's a cave on the right.
  • Throne of Mercy Church – in the locked outbuilding.
  • Between Throne of Mercy Church and Moonflower Trailer Park is a walkthrough cave. If you look up, there's one grapple point and three metal ledges.
  • Island in Silver Lake, just east of Joseph's island.  Same island that a whiskey casket cross is on.  Jump up on the burnt out roof of the cabin and get over to the blind.
  • Vasquez Residence
  • Island in Silver Lake, the one with burning fire, which is between Joseph's island and the bridge-connected island, look for platform with ladder (tower)
  • At dead body, near the house, that is near the road (eastern side from the road) between McClean Residence and Vasquez Residence.

Holland Valley Single Perk Magazines

The following is a list of single Perk Magazine locations, vaguely ordered clockwise from north (if you have challenges finding the ones not connected to map marker locations).

Whitetail Mountains Single Perk Magazines

The following is a list of single Perk Magazine locations, vaguely ordered clockwise from north (if you have challenges finding the ones not connected to map marker locations).

  • Island in Cedar Lake.
  • Western lakeside of Cedar Lake – with cages and a hunting blind.
  • Treehouse bunker where Joe's lighter is.
  • Lake above treehouse bunker – airdrop in from Rattlesnake Trail Bridge.  Go to where the fisherman usually stands and then face south and follow the path south a bit and then into the trees.  It's a hunting tent, not a camping tent.
  • Picnic area – on larger landmass east of Cedar Lake is a ridge.  This is in the picnic area on the ridge.
  • Cave between Lansdowne Airstrip and Linero Building Supplies – Start on the island between the two. On the island there are tree blinds.  Climb them, zip line to a next one, and then take the path up to the left.
  • Drainage tunnel under the (east side of the) railroad bridge that leads to Linero Building Supplies.
  • Top of sword mountain – north of Baron Lumber Mill is a mountain side with a huge sword on it.  It's on the top of that at a campsite.
  • Baron Lumber Mill – unmarked gas station at the street at the start of the driveway to the mill.  On the roof.
  • Loresca Residence – on the front porch.
  • Moccassin River Hunting blind – find the F.A.N.G. Center and go south on the paved road.  At the + intersection, turn west.  At the bridge part, there are some small islands in the Moccassin River.  Head north and look for the tall two story hunting blind.  West, southwest of the Elliot Residence right on the river.
  • Tree Blind – From Grand View Hotel, take the dirt road southeast, but continue southeast once the dirt road veers northeast.  Head between two hills and then veer south to find a Whitetail ambush station occupied by Peggies.  The magazine is in the second tree blind, past the first one.
  • Ringing Rocks – it's a nature walk on the Moccassin River, two land bits north of the hunting blind one.  Look for the wooden pathways.
  • Whitetail ambush station – from the Whitetail Park Ranger Station, go west up the road and then north into the woods.  There's a larger campsite with permanent tents and then past that is a hunting blind in a tree.  Grapple up.
  • Cooper Cabin Island camp – from Cooper Cabin, locate the campsite on the island in the middle of the lake.
  • Random bunker, not at any location, not attached to a cabin or other outbuilding. The only thing marking it is a dead man hanging from an upside down U set of posts with rocks to the west.  The best description is find Cooper Cabin.  Head east, across the road, and about the same amount of distance between Cooper and the road, but on the other side.  It's sort of inbetween the dirt road between it and Cooper Cabin and the paved road to the east even further.
  • Northwest of Jefferson Lookout Tower is a tree stand.  From the Tower, head north and then double back up the path.  At the top of the cliff, head west to overlook the cliff.  You can see it from there.
  • Pin-KO Radar Station – at the third from the top curve (going down), to the west, is a ?guard? station up on the ridge.  You can see it from the road.  You can either airdrop from Pin-KO, or head north up the curvy road until you see a path/walkable land you can follow up and then back.
  • Whitetail lookout – Start at Elk Jaw Lodge and go northwest across the road and into the woods.  If you zoom in 100% on the map, you'll see a couple of northeast facing ledges.  It's up there. Also, it's a grey wolf area.
  • Snowshoe Lake – on the west side is a tent area with some peggies.  Above it on a ledge is a hunting blind in a tree.
  • Bunker west of Langford Lake.  Take the curvy road that leads up to a "circle", but continue west instead of south to the "circle". Go up the dirt path and it's behind the first boulder on your left.
  • Camping area southwest of Langford Lake.  From the paved road there will be a dirt path that is NOT visible on the map.  Follow that up.  The only thing you can really see on the map is a 'C' looking thing in grey.
  • Unmarked cabin northeast from Langford Falls Parking Lot where Lefty's Lighter also is.
  • Unmarked semi-destroyed house west of Stone Ridge Chalet.  Find the paved road west of Stone Ridge Chalet and then a path going west off of it to the west of Stone Ridge Chalet.  It's behind the furniture amongst the books.
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