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FC3 cutout pig

Wildlife: Pig

“Pork is not nearly as popular as boar on Rook Island but pigs are much easier to take down. Just don't tell John McCain. He's been looking for pork for years and the man's hungry.”
Survival Guide

Pigs are animals found on the Rook Islands.

Their hide can be used when crafting items. They are quite weak, taking only a handful of bullets to dispense them. 

Farcry pig

Group of pigs

Pigs are often mistaken for Boars. There are several noticeable differences, however. Pigs are slightly smaller, have reddish or pink skin, and smaller visible external tusks. Unlike boars, pigs are not aggressive when attacked, and will always choose flight over fight.

Far Cry 5

Pigs reappear in Far Cry 5 They can be found in a number of farms all over Hope County. However unlike their "Far Cry 3" counterparts, they do not yield any loot upon death.
FC5 Pig

A pig wearing a party hat after the "Testy Festy" mission.

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