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The Pirate Assaulter is the most common type of Pirate. They wear no armour and often patrol the North Island in groups of two or more, and sometimes, are found moving hostages.

Assaulter 1

Assaulter 1


  • They are very weak alone, and can be killed with only a couple bullets from most fire-arms. They may pose a threat in groups, however.
  • Strangely, a .44 Magnum with an extended barrel will kill them in two shots to the body, but when any sight is added, it becomes one shot.
  • They will use rush tactics when in combat.
  • They only carry AK-47s, providing the player with a supply of assault rifle ammunition.
  • They drive both Scavengers and Technicals when on patrol.
  • In patrols, they are often seen alongside heavier pirates to supplement their abilities.
  • They mainly hipfire their weapons making their accuracy poor at range.
  • It is possible to suppress them by firing at their general position or hitting them. When suppressed they will blindly fire over cover, making them extremely inaccurate.


Other outfit variants of Pirate Assaulters (only minor differences, such as sunglasses, or hair).

Assaulter 1

Assaulter 1 with sunglasses

Assaulter 2

Assaulter 2

Assaulter 2.1

Assaulter 2 with mohawk and sunglasses

Assaulter 3

Assaulter 3 with sunglasses and headband

Assaulter 3.1

Assaulter 3 without sunglasses

Assaulter 4

Assaulter 4 with do-rag and sunglasses

Assaulter 4.1

Assaulter 4 without sunglasses

Assaulter 5

Assaulter 5 with cap

Assaulter 5.1

Assaulter 5 with sunglasses

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