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Pirate Defender Elite

A Pirate Assaulter Elite

The Pirate Assaulter Elite is a type of Pirate encountered on the North Island. They are virtually identical to the Pirate Assaulter in behavior. The only difference between the two is that elites wear more clothing, i.e. body armor. They are much like the Pirate Assaulter Boss when it comes to ranking and behavior.

They only appear in missions, usually as captains or other high ranking pirates that have some valuable item for loot.

The Pirate Assaulter Elite always wields an AK47 assault rifle.


  • Their ensign indicates that they are like sergeants or captains in rank, relaying orders to the others from Vaas.
  • In the Editor, he has the same model as Pirate Defender VIP 1
  • If you look at his eyes, strangely his right eye is blue, while his left one is brown.
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