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Pirate Charger

The Pirate Charger, also called a beheader, is a type of Pirate in Far Cry 3.  They have almost no armour and are easy to kill, but extremely fast and fearless. The Pirate Charger uses only a machete in combat, but possesses a handgun that can be used in a gunslinger takedown. When one spots Jason, they will run towards him with great speed and try to melee him.


  • When a Pirate Charger attacks, he will constantly yell. This makes it easier to find him.
  • Any type of gun will work against this pirate, since they do not wear armour. A fast firing gun is advised, although they can be easily dropped with a shotgun blast to the chest, especially from the Bull.
  • Unlike their Privateer Charger counterparts, the Pirate Charger is only armed with a machete.
  • When being aimed at, they will sometimes suddenly jump to the side in an attempt to avoid being shot.
  • Like other types of pirates, chargers can often be found patrolling the jungle paths or riding in various jeeps throughout the island.
  • The beheader causes melee damage which means that his attacks ignore armory and go straight to Jasons Health. One Slice takes about two health bars.
  • Despite the fact that they wear no armour at all, they are as durable as a Pirate Defender who wears body armour.

When a Pirate Charger chases after Jason, he may utter:

  • "AAAHH You Die Screaming"
  • "Slice and Dice BABY!"
  • "Gonna cut you down AHAHAHAHAAA!"
  • "AAAHH I'm gonna carve you up AAAAAAHHH"
  • "AARGH Im Gonna cut yaaa!"
  • "Ha ha it's chopping time HA HA HAAA!"
  • "I'm going to kill you with my bare hands"
  • "AAAAAAHHHHHH I want your bloooood!"
  • "AAAHHHHH The chopping blood, it's here!"
  • "Fresh meat Yaarrhhh!"
  • "AAAHHHH Meat for the chopping blood Year ha ha!"
  • "AAHH, YEARH You'll die screaming AAARRRGGGHHHHH!"
  • "AAAAHHHH Now let's say it is eat time YEEAARR!"
  • "YEARH Here comes the pain YAARRGGHAHAA!"


  • Their bodies are covered by some sort of tribal tattoos.
  • They have a kind of motorbike-helmet glass in red.
  • He is not available in the FC3 map editor (only Vaas, Jason and Ink Minion versions).
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