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The Pirate Defender is a type of Pirate wearing improvised armour and padding. The Pirate Defender is not a very strong enemy, but can be dangerous if encountered in groups.

Defender 1

Defender 1 with taped armor


  • The Defender's armour reduces the amount of damage they take from bullets, allowing them to survive about three times as much damage as a Pirate Assaulter. They can usually survive a sniper rifle shot to the torso, unless hit with the powerful Z93 rifle. This makes headshots very important against them for stealthy one-hit-kills. They can be killed with one shot to any part of the body with the Recurve Bow, though.
  • They are good defenders since they can sometimes spot the player or even hear something suspicious.
  • They work often in tandem with Pirate Assaulters.
  • Compared to Assaulters, Defenders are less aggressive and will attempt to stay in cover or cautiously advance.
  • Pirate Defenders have weak body armour, as you can see it's ductaped together. But they can take many shots before dying if you use a weapon with low damage.
  • Headshots are extremely effective against them.
  • They become more common the more outposts you clear.

Gallery Edit

other variants of Pirate Defenders

Defender 2

Defender 2 with camo tape and pants

Defender 3

Defender 3 with brown red tape and green camo pants

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