Appicon fc3 The Pirate Defender Elite is an Elite version of the Pirates Defenders. He obey orders from Pirate Defender Boss and give the orders to the regulare Pirate Defenders. They can be spawned in the FC3 Editor as Pirate Defender VIP 2 and Pirate Defender VIP 3.

Pirate Defender VIP 3 has the same status and "mission" as the VIP 2.

Trivia Edit

  • Both of them has a texture fail, their head is darker than their arms.
  • Elite 2's barret color is the same as Pirate Defender Boss.
  • It's unknown if the VIP 3 has another mission or if he just is another model type of the Defender VIP 2, because he has a dark green barret.
  • Both is Elite wich makes them the only special Pirate Status with two models in one.
  • The Pirate Defender Elite / VIP 3 is the only Pirate with red boots, it's also the only thing that is red on him.
  • There is an Elite 1 version, but he has the same model as Pirate Assaulter Elite.


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