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Molotov Thrower 1

The Pirate Molotov Thrower is a type of Pirate that use Molotovs to attack Jason, except being extremely reckless and weak. They carry a large amount of Molotovs and throw them at Jason in a rush. If a Molotov Thrower is shot in the torso, the Molotovs on his belt will ignite and set him on fire. He will still try to burn Jason by running towards him. When tagging them with the camera, they are identified with the Charger symbol.

Mission Appearances


  • "Have a drink!" - When attacking.
  • "Burn, motherfucker!"- When attacking.
  • "Shit, motherfucker!" - When attacking.
  • "He's gonna shit!" - When idle.
  • "Just one more hit." - When idle.
  • "Just make it stop." - When idle.
  • "Pretty, pretty." - When idle.
  • "I’ll make it stop, just one more hit." When idle.


Other variants of Molotov Throwers

Molotov Thrower 2

Molotov Thrower 2 shaven

Molotov Thrower 3

Molotov Thrower 3 full beard

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