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The Pirate RPG Shooter is a type of Pirate, who, as the name implies, carries a RPG-7, and an A2000 as a backup weapon if he fails to reload in time. They can be found at a far distance either on the ground or on an elevated structure. This type of enemy can destroy any vehicle with one well placed shot.

RPG Shooter 1

Pirate RPG Shooter black skin and dark grey shirt


  • Like snipers, they need a line of sight to fire since they will hesitate a lot when trying to fire or they will panic causing them to misfire and end up killing themselves.
  • Avoid using any vehicle if you see one of these enemies present, since it only takes one shot to from the RPG to destroy the vehicle and Jason along with it.
  • After they fire, there are some slim chances that you will have enough time to run out of range. Bait them into taking a shot at you, dodge to the side, then use their reload time to fire back.


Another version of RPG Shooter exist

RPG Shooter 2

white RPG Shooter with white shirt and sunglasses

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